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Travis Scott's live performance on Fortnite has been confirmed

The event will be called "Astronomical" and will include five shows

Travis Scott's live performance on Fortnite has been confirmed The event will be called Astronomical and will include five shows

UPDATE 21/04/20: Fortnite has officially confirmed its partnership with Travis Scott, whose name will be "Astronomical" and will include an in-game experience that will start today, April 21, and continue through Saturday, April 25. Starting today, players will be able to take on the Astronomical Challenges and unlock "Cactus Jack" branded accessories, skins, and e-mote. The rapper's digital tour, during which a new song will premiere, will take place on five dates between 24 and 26 April with times suitable for players around the world and the opportunity to attend more than one show.

The doors of each live will open thirty minutes before its start and the places to attend the various shows will be limited. Those who fail to enter will have to try the next show. Players who participate in the event will also get free Astroworld Cyclone hang glider and two loading screens with free psychedelic artwork. 

To find out all the details and rules of the Astronomical Challenges and instructions for participating in Travis Scott's "Astronomical" digital tour, visit Fortnite's official website.

Since its appearance in 2017, Fortnite has become a cultural phenomenon with 125 million players a year – a number that also includes the likes of Drake, Finn Wolfhard, Chance The Rapper and Travis Scott. The latter could be part of the Fortnite Icon Series and have a skin with his features in the game. A cosmetic set of the rapper had appeared in an earlier update of the game, as revealed by the @Lucas7yoshi account in February, only to be quickly removed. But a leak posted by the @HYPEX Twitter page shows a skin with Scott's appearance.

Epic Games has not commented on the rumor, nor it's to be expected that it will. The image of the skin published by @HYPEX, however, remains ambiguous: on the one hand the outfit of the character and the presence of the now iconic Air Jordan 1 "Cactus Jack" would confirm its identity, on the other the image is very blurry and its seemingly shaved head, without Scott's signature hairstyle, leaves room for doubt. If it were to be Travis Scott, as is likely, there would also be the possibility of a rapper's concert that will take place within the game – not unlike Marshmello's at the beginning of last year. 

Pending more official news and confirmation from Epic Games, stay connected to nss magazine for all updates.