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“We come from Napoli”: Liberato's new single

Featuring Robert "3D" Del Naja and Gaika

“We come from Napoli”: Liberato's new single Featuring Robert 3D Del Naja and Gaika

It was February 14, 2017 when Liberato's newborn YouTube channel released the video of 9 MAGGIO and today, three years after that Valentine's Day, the Neapolitan artist released the new single WE COME FROM NAPOLI signed in collaboration with Robert "3D" Del Naja (leader of Massive Attack) and Gaika. As usual, the day chosen for the release of the song is not coincidental: the release dates of the different singles - as well as that of the album - have always been linked to each other by an almost mystical symbolism, made all the more incredible by its ability to self-regenerate. 

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WE COME FROM NAPOLI is the first featuring made by Liberato, who has partnered with two British artists, that are symbols of English Urban Music's contemporary and nostalgic avant-garde: Robert "3D" Del Naja, leader of the Massive Attack, the cult band of the '00s, and GAIKA, emerging artist of the English underground. The song consistently mixes the trip hop of Massive Attack with the  typical bass of Liberato's productions, the English language with the Neapolitan dialect, in a melodic construction that recalls more 9 MAGGIO than any other song: it's no coincidence that both pieces were released on February 14th. The text also has the usual references, such as the one to Pino Daniele's Terra Mia: "My land, my land, this is where I wanna be". With this new single, Liberato returns to the scene breaking a silence that lasted since last spring, interrupted only by the announcement of the double date of the next concert, scheduled on April 25 and 26 at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago in Milan

WE COME FROM NAPOLI also marks Liberato's film debut: the song will be featured on the soundtrack of the film ULTRAS, Francesco Lettieri's first movie dedicated to the Neapolitan ultras' world that will be available on Netflix starting March 20th. The video (that is shot too by Francesco Lettieri) also marks a fairly marked aesthetic breakthrough, which takes up the underground taste of 9 MAGGIO and leaves behind the cinematic experimentation of the short Capri Rendez-Vous and the postcard beauty of TU T'E SSCURDAT 'E ME and INTOSTREET. The set mixes the ritual classic elements of Neapolitan aesthetics and culture - the cart that sells 'o per' and 'o muss', the card game and the waterfront cliffs - with the bandieand, stadium banners, urban details and contemporary styling. Recalling in some moments ME STAI APPENNEN AMO, the video of WE COME FROM NAPOLI - a slogan that has the potential to become a stadium choir - focuses strongly on the photography and aesthetic storytelling of the song, rather than on the narrative alone. 

Musically, the song appears as the new manifesto of the Neapolitan artist: projected towards the future but faithful to its origins, which in Naples see of one of the most prosperous techno and house scenes in Italy, yesterday as today. The choice to associate with Robert Del Naja has a nostalgic taste for the sounds of the English psychedelic underground with a close bond with the city of Naples. In fact, Del Naja - multi-instrumentalist, street artist and leader of the band - was born in Bristol but his family has deep Neapolitan origins, and he himself has kept his contact with Naples through music and especially football, being a fan of the team Napoli. 

Is this the first feat and the beginning of a new phase for Liberato?