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“Tilt!” is G.bit's new album

Irreverence, cool music and augmented reality

“Tilt!” is G.bit's new album Irreverence, cool music and augmented reality

His debut in June 2018 with his first collection of singles, AHAHAH, has totaled over 7 million streams, attracting the interest of the public and professionals. Now G.bit, stage name of Gianmarco Bitti, is ready to try to get the same success with Tilt!, his first album. Published on Friday, June 14 on Spotify, iTunes and all major digital platforms, the project includes twelve tracks characterized by the same irreverence that in recent years has made the artist recognizable in the Italian urban scene.

The album is multifaceted and full of moods: from trap to punk rock, passing through pop, the most dancing beats and the nuances of the Uk punk universe. A heterogeneous result obtained thanks to the productions curated by Andre Blanco, Pankees, Renzo Stone, Strage, among others, but also to the many collaborations like the one with the Asian rap star Mike Lennon in Faccio quello voglio and with Machete's Dani Faiv in 50kg. Equally fundamental is the partnership with Laurina Paperina, an artist from Trentino who created the visual aspect of the project, an ambitious release that experiments with augmented reality. Thanks to the ARIA application, which can be downloaded free in fact, you can access special content by framing with your smartphone one of the images mapped following the instructions provided by the artist's social networks. For example, to reveal the release date of Tilt!, G.Bit involved its fans by activating a special call to action: it was enough to frame a 20 Euro note through the application and the animations designed by Laurina Paperina came to life, revealing the information on the new album. 

Soon G.Bit will start his summer tour, accompanied as always by his DJ & producer Youssef Giga