They were the years of the spin offs, we were young and always sad. We couldn't handle it and we would lose control over and over again. We swerved and we found ourselves backwards, with our heads facing the opposite direction. Then we realized there's only one way to deal with a spin off: waiting for it to end. Like on a roller coaster. 

testacoda is the new name of the Milanese indie scene to keep an eye on. Lorenzo is a 25-year-old song writer born in Como but based in Milan. His music represents a unique mix of rap and pop, enriched by hip-hop accents. His lyrics are very personal, often melancholic, and transport the listener into his specific emotional universe. After the single Sto Cadendo, released in December, testacoda published a few days ago his debut EP, Morire Va Di Moda.

The EP consists of four tracks, all written by testacoda, which recount the end of a relationship

We clearly deal with an heartbreak. When a love ends you realize how bad you felt at the beginning and you have to get used to the one you were before. I've always rather be dead than cool, but today dying is super hip so I can't even kill myself anymore. 

For testacoda dying is super hip  One of the most interesting artists of the current rap scene has just released his debut EP | Image 0

Morire Va Di Moda is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and all streaming platforms.