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Tedua unveils his latest video

From Cogoleto to Cambodia

Tedua unveils his latest video From Cogoleto to Cambodia

The new videoclip by Tedua, Vertigini, from the album Mowgli is out.
The video is shot by Federico Merlo, director of the videoclips of the singles Fashion Week RMX, Burnout and La Legge del Più Forte and is filmed in Cambodia, among the ruins of the old Angkor Wat, in the heart of the jungle and among the thousand streets of the Asian metropolis.

In the video, Tedua is immersed among the stilt houses in the water, the panthers and the elephants but also between the palaces and the lights, in a significant comparison between what was his life before and what is now. The rapper from Cogoleto untangle himself between the lianas and the street lamps in the enchanting Asian split, communicating once again the importance of the origins and its emotional bond with the same, from which it can never be detached. The song, already golden album and capable of exceeding 15 million streams on Spotify, produced by the ubiquitous Chris Nolan, detaches significantly from the most typical trap sounds, presenting the Tedua's most melodic version, preserving however the poetic and articulated rap characteristic of the born 1994 rapper that, over time, has contributed to distinguish the artist from his other colleagues in the new wave.