After the release of A$AP Rocky's highly anticipated new album Testing a couple weeks back, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the drop of the videos to follow. The stand out tune, and undeniable summer hit for many, on the album was A$AP’s collab with London’s behemoth Skepta. Entitled Praise the lord the track is the first to see a video release, and it’s really cool, even by the high standards of production we are used to from both producers. Set in mirrored high-rise realities of New York and London, the video goes from Rocky’s vocals, with him surrounded by his New York setting and entourage, to then be mirrored in London during Skepta’s rhymes.

A$AP Rocky and Skepta drop new video The visual for their Praise the lord banger | Image 0
The charm is the great similarities of both, despite having an Atlantic ocean between them, but also the small little differences that not everyone picks up on. The video has a great, both social and visual, micro/macro commentary on the many similarities shared between people of common life paths, and how they can transcend continents, but also filled with the little subtle difference of how New York rocks it compared to London, which is really just for people in the know, giving it all a bit of extra depth.

Have a look and listen to the video below and enjoy!