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A$AP Rocky freed from Swedish authorities

The rapper will wait for the verdict in the USA

A$AP Rocky freed from Swedish authorities The rapper will wait for the verdict in the USA

UPDATE: the news came in on Friday night: A$AP Rocky was freed from Swedish authorities, and he will wait for the court verdict in the USA. After over a month in prison, Flackho was released and was able to go back home, while waiting for the judges ruling, that will be announced August 14. A$AP, along with two members of his entourage, is facing a charge for assault, despite the rapper has always stated that it was a matter of legitimate defence. It's an important turning point in the case that has been making headlines for over a month, collecting the support of many figures of the music industry, but turning also into a political case. Donald Trump himself, on the advice of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, asked directly for the release of the rapper, as we reported here, and the President was one of the first to celebrate the freedom of the rapper with a tweet that has already become meme material. 

A$AP Rocky has already come back in the USA on a private jet over the weekend, and the first thing he said when he landed was 'I will never go back to Sweden'. Rakim Meyers, his real name, returned home with a sophisticated look as well: black slim suit, buttoned-up white shirt and the accessory he can't go without, the babushka, his real benchmark. The following day A$AP was spotted at Kanye West's Sunday Service along with A$AP Ferg and Kendall Jenner. 



UPDATE: As reported by TMZ, Swedish authorities are asking the judge to allow them to detain A$AP Rocky for at least two weeks to continue the investigation on what happened in Stockholm. A$AP's bodyguard has already been released, it seems that police is clearly gunning for Rocky, who could face a 6-year sentence. 


The news has been circulating for a few hours: A$AP Rocky was arrested in the night between Tuesday and Wednesday in Sweden on charges of having attacked a person in Stockholm on Sunday night where the rapper was to perform at the Smash Festival. Unfortunately, it wasn't the show that attracted the attention, but a dramatic event that happened just before in the centre of the Scandinavian city. A video released by the well-known American scandal website TMZ shows what happened. In the images, you see the star with his bodyguard involved in a brawl with two guys. The situation degenerates and from the frames, it seems that Rocky and his crew hit the two with fists and kicks while they were still lying on the ground. According to the rumours, the artist spontaneously went to the police on Tuesday night and was immediately detained. 

After TMZ's video started circulating online, A$AP Rocky himself published on his Instagram profile two videos showing what had happened before the attack: two guys stalking the rapper and his bodyguard with insistence, accusing them of breaking their headphones and threatening to call the police if they weren't compensated. At a certain point, a woman comes in, intervening in the discussion and accusing the young people of groping. Soon after, Rocky starts the fight. 

TMZ writes that A$AP Rocky will remain in prison for 3 days until the local authorities decide whether to indict him: in this case, he could risk up to 6 years in prison. 

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