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Happy Birthday, Miley Cyrus!

We present you her Best Attempted Twerk Moments

Happy Birthday, Miley Cyrus! We present you her Best Attempted Twerk Moments

Today is the right day to remember one of the biggest pop stars of recent times.

Of iconic pieces have been made, written and sung, but what really comes to mind when we hear "Miley Cyrus"?

Analyzing her career, she's changed so much, from the initial sweet girl of Disney to the mad performer of Wrecking Ball who has scandalized everyone with her linguistics, her mini (or less) costumes and her cunning platinum hair. And now? Now Miss Miley Cyrus returns to her origins, a pure carefree country, armed only with classical guitar and sentimentalism (as witnessed by the last single Malibu).

Between highs and lows and changes on changes, for us Miley will always be one of the greatest exponents of 'Twerk', a dance step that marked an entire musical era.

That's why we think it's right to represent you her Best Attempted Twerk Moments! Good fun!


#1 MTV VMA 2013 (con l'aiuto di Robin Thicke)

She created a real scandal! More than ever, the singer, with her nude costume, has clashed to the singer of Blurred Lines in a very provocative way. We have to say that he did not too much embarassed in his video with EmRata.


#2 We Can't Stop Music Video

In a totally out-of-control party with big bears, swim-pool dances and good guys the protagonist suddenly improves this "dance" along with other friends. And it's shock right now!


#3 Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour Love Money Party - 2014

Splashed on a big gold car she is twerking and launching banknotes.


#4 MTV Unplugged - 2014

With a blonde wig as Dolly Parton, during a performance, she decides to twerk ... with a horse. To you comments.


#5 Merry Christmas!

This time the sexy ballet was made with Santa Claus at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Merry Christmas, with affection, Miley xx!