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Nobody wants to buy Kanye West's house

The architectural work in Malibu designed by Tadao Ando

Nobody wants to buy Kanye West's house The architectural work in Malibu designed by Tadao Ando

No windows or doors, nor even electrical or plumbing systems, an architecture that would be best described as raw. Already in April, several articles had recounted how Kanye West had completely altered the design of his incredible Malibu villa using - as usual - crazy methods. The villa in question is the one designed by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando and purchased by Kanye in September 2021 for $57.3 million. Overlooking the Californian beach, the house features four bedrooms and four bathrooms, totaling 370 square meters with a view of the Pacific Ocean. Among the peculiarities of the structure is certainly its concrete composition, which gives the building a brutalist character. In short, Kanye chose to revisit the original design of the villa by spending a whopping $14 million on its refurbishment - calling it that sounds odd, it would be better to speak of destruction.

Who is Tadao Ando

Ando has long been hailed as "Hollywood's favorite starchitect." Many celebrities have shelled out hundreds of millions of dollars for his marvelous works of art. In 2023, Jay-Z and Beyoncé spent $200 million to acquire an Ando-designed villa in Malibu. It took 15 years to design and build and was commissioned by art collectors Bill and Maria Bell. Even designer Tom Ford has long resided within a massive property in New Mexico, a concrete home and an equestrian structure, both designed by Ando. It was put up for sale in 2021 (the asking price dropped from $75 million to $48 million before being sold for an undisclosed sum). Kim Kardashian is said to be planning, along with Ando, a villa in La Quinta, California. However, most of Ando's famous works are located in Japan, including the Church of the Light built in 1989, the Hill of the Buddha, and the Chichu Art Museum.

The Legal Dispute between Kanye West and Tony Saxon

In September 2023, TMZ reported that Kanye West found himself in a new legal battle filed against him, brought by a former collaborator of Ye hired to oversee the work in his Malibu villa. According to Tony Saxon, West allegedly forced him to work sixteen hours a day inside the residence, making him sleep on the floor using a jacket instead of blankets. After being paid for only one week of work, the two fell out in November 2021, when West demanded that the villa's windows be removed along with the electricity. Saxon allegedly expressed his doubts about Ye's requests and the dangers that would ensue, prompting him to raise his voice, demanding that the man move power generators into the house that could have caused a fire inside the residence. Saxon also claims that West threatened him, telling him that if he refused to do as requested, he would become "an enemy" of the rapper.

Current Situation Regarding the Malibu Villa

Kanye West's villa is now on the market, but nobody wants to buy it. The reason is quite simple, namely, millions of dollars would still be needed to complete it. The Hollywood Reporter claims that the house lacks any kind of furnishings, and West even tried to sell the house with the help of the real estate agents from the Oppenheim Group - the same ones from the television series Selling Sunset. Jason Oppenheim, for almost five months, tried to sell the house at the asking price, $39 million, a 26% reduction from the initial $53 million asked by Ye, an amount 32% lower than the purchase price.