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Milan to launch an app monitoring smog levels

The municipality's first project to remedy the pollution problem solves nothing

Milan to launch an app monitoring smog levels  The municipality's first project to remedy the pollution problem solves nothing

In the month of February, the screens of the Apple Weather app flooded the social media of Milanese residents: numerous accounts posted what appeared as a large dark red spot on the map of the Po Valley, an excessive mapping of air pollution levels that sparked citizens' anger. In response to complaints, the Municipality of Milan approved a public information project on smog, an accessible information system via mobile phones to discover air quality. Through the app, it will be possible to receive notifications based on the severity of the situation, so that when fine particulate levels in the air become dangerous, smart working can be activated. In case of alert, Milanese residents will be advised to use Fpp2 masks around the city.

The agenda was launched in February by Europa Verde, an environmentalist political party in the European elections since 2019, approved by the Municipality of Milan yesterday, March 11th. The project is activated following the emergence of alarming data regarding pollution-related deaths: every year, in the Lombard capital, 10% of deaths are linked to nitrogen dioxide, while 13% to fine particulates. "To truly address the issue of smog, much more measures would be needed, but notwithstanding this, we demand a public information system to explain to citizens the air quality," declared Francesca Cucchiata, municipal councillor of Europa Verde, "And we demand that, when the air is too polluted, there is an alert system.". In addition to the agenda, PD exponent Alice Arienta proposed the formation of a climate assembly composed of ninety citizens (selected by lot), meeting once a month to broaden the debate on air pollution in Milan, while it was assured that the environment commission will initiate meetings with Amat, (Agency for Mobility, Environment, and Territory) to study new control measures capable of improving or reversing the city's environmental situation.

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It was February 19th when the air in Milan recorded one of the highest pollution levels in the world, ranking fourth after Dhaka, Bangladesh, Lahore, Pakistan, and Delhi in India. According to IQAir's recommendations, a Swiss air quality technology company, with the levels of fine particulates recorded in Milan's air on those days, it was strongly discouraged to engage in outdoor physical activities and to use purifiers. Two days later, as reported by MilanoToday, over fifty thousand Milanese would have shown interest in seeking compensation for the damages caused by Milan's smog, a class action launched by the Consulcesi company. Along with the monitoring system approved by the Municipality, forthcoming for now, it is possible to check air quality from applications already integrated on the phone such as Google Maps, Apple Maps or Weather, but also from the platform of the European Environment Agency - European Air Quality Index - and from purifier apps like PlumeLabs or IQ AirVisual.