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Disney revolutionizes VR with its moving floor

A Magical Fusion of Virtual Reality and Tangibility

Disney revolutionizes VR with its moving floor A Magical Fusion of Virtual Reality and Tangibility

Imagine a world where you control the way your virtual character walks not with your controller but with your own legs? That's what Disney is proposing with its latest invention: the HoloTile. This is a treadmill composed of about a hundred types of active round "tiles," each serving as a mini omnidirectional treadmill. The user can walk on the HoloTile in the direction they want, as explained by Lanny Smoot, the engineer behind this innovation, in a video that has accumulated 12.7 million views on X.

@estuardobm Presenting the amazing Holotile floor created by Lanny Smoot at Disney #holotilefloor #holotile #holotiledisney #disney #fyp #lannysmoot original sound - Estuardo Balcarcel

This invention completely revolutionizes the world of virtual reality in that it offers an immersive walking experience without any physical constraints. Indeed, "movement" has always been one of the "major challenges" of virtual reality. The disconnect that the user experiences when they see their character in full action, running around while they are sitting on their couch, has long been a longstanding challenge for creators. Although the project is still in the development stage, we can expect real disruptions in the near future in Disney parks that could implement this technology in their attractions. The world of cinema could also benefit by creating interactive films specifically designed with this technology. Outside of recreation, the field of education could also benefit from it. For example, imagine a world where students could virtually transport themselves to a past era or to historical sites that no longer exist. In other words, this treadmill will completely shake up a variety of fields.

However, it should be noted that some points are still unclear. For example, the price. One can only imagine a monstrous price for such technology. But how will it be adapted if Disney intends to market it for domestic purposes? The maximum weight it can support is also a point of discussion. It would still be a shame if only one person could enjoy it per treadmill or if there is a weight limit. The size and weight of the treadmill could also cause problems. Currently, the treadmill is huge and makes a lot of noise. It will be interesting to see how Disney tackles all these (potential) challenges. As we enter this new era, one thing is certain: Disney's HoloTile will remain engraved in history as a major catalyst for the virtual revolution. The boundaries between the virtual and the real are fading more than ever. By combining Disney's magic with cutting-edge technology, the HoloTile promises to transport the audience to extraordinary worlds, thus expanding the horizons of the entertainment experience.