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@ Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

'Uniformity' @ Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

A new exhibition at FIT, the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, celebrates the charm of the uniform. Uniformity, curated by Emma McClendon, explores the incredible influence of workwear on ready-to-wear over the years.

From Chanel hostess suits by Karl Lagerfeld to the McDonald’s ones by Jeremy Scott for Moschino, the exhibition develops around four different thematic areas: Military, Service, Sport and School.

The interplay between uniforms and fashion is fascinating because they seem completely opposed. Uniforms are all about control, keeping tradition, keeping everything standardised, whereas fashion is increasingly about self-expression, breaking the rules, and having a sort of power of creativity in the design” the curator told “They seem like they could never really go together, yet we constantly see uniforms coming up in fashion and getting used by fashion designers in a lot of different ways”.


Uniformity is open until November 19, 2016.