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Letasca's Elbio Bonsaglio x adidas Tubular  


Letasca's Elbio Bonsaglio x adidas Tubular    interview

On the occasion of the launch of the new adidas Originals Tubular, we had a chat with Elbio Bonsaglio, one of the founders of Italian brand Letasca. Along with the interview we also reveal you some shots of the exclusive editorial realized by nssmag x Tubular where Elbio is the protagonist. Enjoy.

#1 Before launching your fashion brand you were a model. Why did you choose to create Letasca? Do you find designing clothes more satisfying than simply wearing them?

Letasca was born in a very simple way, from a chat with my now partner in the project. It’s been the natural continuation of my years as a model, during which I had the chance to step inside the fashion world and work with big designers, from whom I learned a lot. It’s not really a matter of satisfaction, it’s a matter of life’s phases. If today I do what I do, it’s certainly thanks to my past as a model.

#2 What are you most inspired from during the creative process of your collection?

Letasca is the result of my experience and the one of my partner, Edoardo Giaroli, with the help of a stylist friend based in New York, Ada Kokosar. Normally we choose a main line which characterizes the season and from there all the research starts. Our inspirations can be very different: we always try to create something new and not to propose something which has been done already. That’s why we often look for inspirations which have nothing to do with the fashion world.

#3 In the fast fashion era it can be hard to succeed with a luxury brand. What is luxury for you in 2015?

Getting rid of technology for a week.

#4 Your designs are extremely functional. In which way do you mix technical avant-garde and fashion in your creations?

We do a lot of research in this direction. From the shapes to the fabrics, we always try to find something extremely innovative and unique.

#5 You took part into the project developed by adidas Originals for the launch of the new Tubular. What is your relationship with sneakers?

My style is very varied. I can be very street one day and the day afer extremely formal. I like sneakers a lot and I think they really match with the Letasca’s universe.

photography ILARIA D'ATRI

art direction nss FACTORY

styling nss FACTORY

assistant styling SILVIA VINCI