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Petra Collins new challenge with Lonely Lingerie

When panties change the world

Petra Collins new challenge with Lonely Lingerie When panties change the world

Thinking about  lingerie and it’s anxiety and flashbacks of Victoria's Secret’s models, toned as a Carrara marble.

Infinite squat sessions.

But who cares, fortunately there are women who love  women.

A beautiful idea was born in New Zealand, in 2009, with Helene Morris and Steve Ferguson who founded Lonely Lingerie. A new underwear brand that goes beyond sexist stereotypes -Women who are men-pleasers- but we enter in the logic of a women (social) comunity who love themselves. Hence the initiative to found Lonely Girls Project, an Instagram account in which they publish photos sent by girls who wear  Lonely lingerie.

Feminism did say feminism and immediately check Petra Collins  Just yesterday, the American photographer has announced a new partnership with Lonely for next season, posting a photo on Instagram as anticipation. In 2014 it was irreverent subject of swimwear collection, we are not already in the skin to see the new shots.

You enter a commercial innovation, and as told by Helene Morris on Viva "We want to empower women, make them REALISE That they do not have to be a certain way to feel beautiful" and then "Lonely Girls as in all shapes , sizes, ethnicities, ages and backgrounds, and they are all magnificent. "

In fact the last shots with Lena Dunham left everyone speechless, it's not a novelty to see the star of Girls in déshabillé, but it is in the power of the shot that goes against all the stereotypes. Beauty is everywhere, even where not expect it.

Lonely Lingerie Petra Collins and help us to discover it.