Three minutes and four seconds.

Close-up fixed on the mouth.

Selena Gomez bites her lip and torments it with her fingers.

She confesses

"You got a fetish for my love, I push you out and you come right back".

And again,

"Do not see a point in blaming you, If I were you, I'd do me, too".

Male voice answers:

"Take it or leave it, Baby, take it or leave it, but I know you wonít leave it, 'cause I know that you need it, Look in the mirror, When I look in the mirror, Baby, I see it clearer, Why you want to be nearer?"

These are the verses and images of Fetish, a new single featuring Gucci Mane spread in these hours by Selena Gomez.

The Weeknd's girlfriend returns for two months from the release of Bad Liar with a skinny and sensual video directed by artist Petra Collins, author of a recent short-movie about Gucci eyewear and inserted by Forbes among the under 30 Most influential in the world.

The public fell in love with Selena's new work so much that her friend Taylor Swift returned to Instagram after 2 months of absence to compliment and write: "Sultry pop magic from this dreamy almost-birthday-girl", an allusion to the next 22 July when Gomez turns 25.

What do you think about Fetish?

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