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The Sartorialist vs Tavi Gevinson

a.k.a. streetstyle vs fashion blogging

The Sartorialist vs Tavi Gevinson   a.k.a. streetstyle vs fashion blogging

Yesterday there was a clash between titans.

In your bored web scratching maybe you stumbled on the news:  Tavi Gevinson kicked Scott Schuman (aka The Sartorialist).

Scene of the clash the web magazine The Talks, here in 2011 Schuman had given an interview in which fired on  every aspect of the fashion system.

Primarily on Tavi: "I think her success is a kind of conspiracy of the press established that wanted to show that these blogs are not so important, which are made by children of 12 years. But many of us are adults. I think it's nice that Tavi has managed to create a blog and write speaking to other people with her own opinion and age - but do not know how this could help a 26 year old, she never had a boyfriend or anything. It's just a little girl, can speak of art and other topics are so abstract, "and the final" for me is like a Michael Jackson of five years singing a piece about love - he said those are just words. "

Bad day? Instead he seems to be adamant, declaring only read the blog of his girlfriend, or Garance Doré and who no longer believes in the magazine, because overwhelmed by the balance of the money advertising. All seasoned with mega ego (he earns a lot) and lack of information. Why criticize Rookie, Tavi’s mag, when he never ever read a line? Afraid of competition? Accusing Gevinson the theft of photos from the sites, welcome Mr. Schuman in 2015!

Yesterday Tavi had an opportunity to reply: "The fact that young people do not have relevant thoughts about the world because they have not lived long enough, unfortunately, is a statement as famous as, frankly, not very original. When I reflect on that period of my life I was just responding to stimuli in the world around me. And I was perceptive enough to understand how I could make connections in my life among other things. I do not think they were abstract. It is usually dubious towards all those adults who have this kind of thing to say about young people, because it seems to me face to shine a kind of fear and uncertainty. And then, it is also shorter than me. "


When a 19 year old shows more maturity of a man sailed. If we were to be honest, the first photographer of street style was not Scott, but Bill Cunningham. Then the prima donna attitude of Schuman would be moderate. Because everyone has the right to have a source of inspiration, to make mistakes and to be of little talent.

It is a clash between generations, but there is something much deeper. Streetstyle fashion photography and blogging are two realities that have evolved the world of fashion for 20 years, in a synergy really functional. Why unleash a conflict?

Tavi is the voice of the new generation, an army of fresh minds who want to revolutionize the system.

Perhaps, dear Scott, you would be too easy to defeat.