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The Top Street Style Trends of 2018

A round-up of 2018's top streetwear moments

The Top Street Style Trends of 2018 A round-up of 2018's top streetwear moments

2018 was a year filled with lots of changes and adjustments for the industries of fashion and streetwear.It was the year we all witnessed the beginning of fashion houses play musical chairs with designers and creative directors in attempt to appeal to an upcoming millennial audience. It was also the year fashion embraced sneaker culture and we saw streetwear make a shift to more tailored appeal.

So it’s only appropriate that we round up some of the year’s best street style moments as we eagerly look forward to all the new trends and changes 2019 will bring. We went digging in our fashion week archives and assembled a list of some of the top seven streetwear trends of 2018. 


#1 Prada Bowling Shirts 

The number one trend of 2018 were bowling shirts from Prada’s Fall 2018 menswear show. The shirts which split down the middle feature a variety of different of juxtaposed prints which range from flames and bananas to florals and space creatures. This piece was seen throughout the year all over the streets of Milan, Paris, London, Tbilisi and even Shanghai. It’s also been sported by celebrities celebrities like Rita Ora, Pusha T,  Jeff Goldblum and other street style stars. This isn't Prada's first time creating a hit piece and it's a trend that will also probably make its way into 2019.


#2 Bucket Hats

Bucket hats take the place of number two on our list. This piece made a successful come back in 2018. They were seen all over the Spring 2018 runways from Versace, to Palm Angels, Prada, Fendi and Jil Sander and were also spotted in almost all our our streetwear albums of the year. This trend’s origins dates as far back in the culture as the 1960’s but made it’s peak with rappers and street fashion in the 1990’s.  This is also one that we predict will probably find it’s way to the new year.


#3 Plaid

Plaid seems to be one the longest lasting trends in the world of fashion. It’s inevitable to have fall without plaid. From plaid suits, to jackets and coats in a variety of many different colours. In the past year this trend was seen on the streets of all the major fashion capitals. This simple trend is one that has a rather complex history with its origins in the roots of appropriating Scottish kilts. It’s one of the trends that is at it’s peak and we don’t see this one ending anytime soon in the years to come.


#4 Logo Mania

The iconic 90’s trend of logo mania dominated streetwear in 2018. From Gucci to Fendi, to Louis Vuitton x Supreme, Balenciaga and Dior. This allover pattern of logos was one of the major streetwear comebacks of the year. It was seen not only on the fall runways but also on the jackets, pants, shirts, suits and accessories of celebrities and influencers such as Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and many others. This is a trend we see expanding on an even wider scale in 2019.



#5 Céline Plastic Bags

 One of the most popular fashion week accessories of the year was the Céline plastic bag. The accessory made its debut during Céline’s Spring 2018 runway show in 2017 and has been chicly sported in street style all over the world ever since. With fans still distressed over the end of the old Céline, this trend will probably continue and expand in the next year as a form of nostalgic tribute to Phoebe Philo’s era.



#6 Dior Saddle Bag

The Saddle Bag was once an accessory of the 1990’s - 2000s. This trend made it’s greatest success by being seen in the hands of fashion icons such as Carrie Bradshaw and Paris Hilton. For Autumn Winter 2018, Maria Grazia Chiuri reintroduced the classic Dior saddlebag, and since then, the brand has done everything in its power to advocate for it’s comeback. Earlier this year, they commissioned collaborations with very many influencers on instagram (as you'd reported here), so it is no surprise that this piece was one of the most popular accessories on the streets of fashion. Based on it’s success, we will probably be seeing many other brands with several versions of it in 2019. 



#7 Off-White Belts

This was rather one of the most overused trends of 2018. The case of the yellow, sometimes white Off-White belt. This piece first appeared at Virgil’s Fall 2016 show three years ago, and since then it’s been seen extremely often almost everywhere, over the shoulders, around the waist, on bags, it has been worn in every way possible not only during the past year, but during the past three years. Although an iconic piece for the designer, this is an item that might be better left in 2018.