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Chloe Sevigny's new book

Chloe's best fashion moments

Chloe Sevigny's new book Chloe's best fashion moments

There are special people, creatures with effortless style, those who know how to make unique and interesting to wear anything. It's a set of impalpable quality, gestures, talent, charm and magic.

For those who grew up in the 90s, but also for those who continue to relive that decade through the internet, that not-so-which coincides with Chloe Sevigny.

"This "Chloe Book." Sounds really narcissistic and annoying.  But I went to Japan a few years ago and saw this Chloe Stylebook that was apparently kind of popular there, and I had no idea who made it, and it was just these horrible paparazzi shots of me. I was a bit depressed about it, but curious, so then this girl called me from Rizzoli and I figured Iíd reclaim it, and do it in the way that Iíd want to do it. Itís photos through the years and weirdo fashion; not a "style guide," but more an art book and collection of images and ephemera."

However Miss Sevigny is the "Coolest Girl in the World". Here are our top 5 best fashion moments.

#1. Kids girl

It was 1995. Chloe made her film debut directed by Larry Clark. The film follows a group of teenagers during a day engaged in shoplifting, drugs and sex, becomes a cult. The no gender look of the actress, clean face, pixie haircut and blue t-shirt, leaves its mark.

#2. X girl

Fashion, consumerism, the New York of the mid 90s, Marc Jacobs, Ethan Hawke and Naomi Campbell.

#3. Miu Miu girl.

The fashion world loves Chloe. Search her. Wants her

#4.Vincent girl

It's 2003. "The brown bunny": film written, directed and starring by Vincent Gallo. Chloe accepts the part after the refusal of Kirsten Dunst and Winona Ryder. The project is not understood, but it remains in our memory for a fellatio moment. The idea of a Gallo-Sevigny couple touches the top of coolness.

#5. Streetstyle girl

Androgynous, girlie, tomboy, glamorous Miss Sevigny is a mine of tips styles, changing, ironic, never wrong.