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«Between ecstasy and house music»: Marcelo Burlon's story becomes a book

We talked to the Argentinian designer about his new biography published by Rizzoli

«Between ecstasy and house music»: Marcelo Burlon's story becomes a book We talked to the Argentinian designer about his new biography published by Rizzoli

«I started working in clubs in 1992, when I was 15 years old. I've always aimed at an underground, niche audience. My education comes from the Riviera Romagnola's club dancefloors, between ecstasy and house music», Marcelo Burlon told nss magazine. His personal story is bounded with the city of Milan, not by chance the brand was called County of Milan. 
The scenario is the rampant Milan in the late 90s and 00s, where fashion, subcultures, nightlife and clubbing intertwine and that led to the inception of streetwear that started the domino effect that would have reinvent the whole fashion system. Marcelo and his brand - Marcelo Burlon: County of Milan that we know today – was one of the key actors of this revolution. Today, despite its wide popularity, County has always remained focused on the community surrounding its founder, or, to use the words of Burlon himself, «I am interested in what I and my 4-5 friends do, the rest does not concern me». More than just a fashion brand, the creature of Burlon is a collector of different influences, a cross-sectoral entity whose vision is expressed both in streetwear and in the organization of some of the most important events in Milanese fashion, but also in photography and music – a long story that today is told for the first time in the book Marcelo Burlon: County of Milan Confidential, written by Angelo Flaccavento with design and artistic direction by MACSIOTTI. 

Inside the book, which includes interviews, unpublished photographs and original documents, the entire story of the designer is unraveled as in an investigation, from his origins in El Bolsón, Argentina, a place of remixing and cultural contamination between the world of hippies and that of the gauchos, through the era of the Magazzini Generali in Milan on the nights of '98, together with Raf Simons and Riccardo Tisci,  up to the first collection of t-shirts and international success. Together with him, there is also the history of the partners, collaborators and friends: from Claudio Antonioli and Davide de Giglio to Ivano Atzori. The book then traces the many collaborations that have linked Burlon to the NBA, Lamborghini, Moet & Chandon, Kartell, Borsalino, just to name a few, mapping the network of influences that the brand has woven around the world over the years. The book talks a lot about the past but little about the future - which for Burlon focuses more on humanitarian projects than on fashion: 

«I see myself selling vegetables harvested in my garden in the country streets of Ibiza - that's my near future. I will dedicate myself to my Foundation by creating education and culture. I will publish books and newspapers, organize techno and folk festivals - all to support minorities and marginalized people».

The book Marcelo Burlon: County of Milan Confidential is published by Rizzoli and is available online on the official website of the brand and at the main bookstores.