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Slam Jam X Stussy SS15 Collection

Global release on March 27th

Slam Jam X Stussy SS15 Collection Global release on March 27th

25 years are perfect for the leap, Slam Jam is generous and drops a collaboration better than the other. A growing desire for lovers of streetwear, after Puma and Carhartt, a the new bomb..Slam Jam X Stussy.

If you can not handle the tingling on the fingertips, rest assured, you will have to wait just 48 hours. From March 27th, the collection will be available on, Slam Jam from Milan and other exclusive selected outlets.

The release consists of 6 key pieces: the Venus L / S Tee and Venus Hoodie (available in black and white), the beanie Quarter and the Quarter stadium jacket.  56 lucky influencer will receive the pack with personalized jacket ..we imagine you dying of envy on Instagram. You can follow them with the hashtag  #SlamJamXStussy or #SlamJam25.

For those who want to dive into the world Slam Jam event Friday, March 27th at 18:30 at Slam Jam Milan. Installation pop-up art made by artist Paul "Zero-T" Capezzuoli represent the hype taken in Florence. A carefully calibrated mix between culture and streetwear Stussy Slam Jam and the cultural and artistic wealth of Italy.

Why, perhaps few know it, but Slam Jam is 100% Italian. Founded in 1989 by Luca Benini in Ferrara, a constant search for fashion, art and culture increasingly focused on ahead of time. A trip through subcultures crossing the ocean and merging with one of the most famous brand of Californian streetwear: Stussy. Attitude streetwear printed in the DNA since 1980.

Skate, surf and Botticelli’s Venus..are you ready?

The count down started.

Stay tuned with Slam Jam

#SlamJamXStussy #SlamJam25