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The most stylish killers in movies

Give Me Five

The most stylish killers in movies Give Me Five

Horror and thrillers movie are the ideal setting for the staging of an infinite series of clichés. Just think about the classic "I heard a noise, I go to see" or "It's better to split up and go in opposite directions" or "Go on without me, don't worry." 

Phrases, characters with a predictable psychology, stereotypes, clichés and so on. We're talking about kinds of other worlds in which the serial killer is always ugly and bad, with some malformation and with a disastrous past. Since in the collective imagination who is holding a weapon - with not so Christian intents - is always depicted as physically deviant, when we run into charming psychopaths, we are particularly fascinated. Attractive killers go beyond the usual concept of deviance. They have the power to engage the viewer in a relationship even more morbid. A tailored jacket or a precious watch prove the rule: you can't judge a book in its cover.

Here are the 5 most stylish killers in movie history from which you could find inspiration for your Halloween outfit: 


# 1 BASIC INSTINCT (1992) • Sharon Stone - Catherine Tramell