Timberland offers us a new project: Life Swaps.

The idea was to propose four artists and influencers a change of city. Barcelona to London and Milan to Berlin. 
In search of the testing of new lifestyles, to understand the differences between a nation and the other in the many facets of everyday life.  
Specifically: Marc Morro, an interior designer in Barcelona, ​​exchange with the writer Sam Smith London. While the photographer Claudia Zalla Milan goes to Berlin, home of the guru of technology Willy Iffland. 
The adventure begins with the entrance in the house (the key is under the mat) and a to do list taped to the fridge. For an unforgettable experience the homeowner has left councils to follow, written by hand to get better in a new world. 
Through the hashtag #inmyelement you can follow the coolest places and events inevitable in different cities of Europe. You can also be part of the project by inserting the places on the dedicated page
Explore and do explore your world.
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