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Meet Somebody - Miranda July's new app

Miu Miu Women's Tales #8

Meet Somebody - Miranda July's new app Miu Miu Women's Tales #8

Miranda July, I feel that I should die of envy and hate you for all the things that you do and for your big blue eyes, but I will not and I will continue to live in the hope that one day I end up on wikipedia with a dozen slash separating all the professions that I have done in my life. 

Film director / screenwriter / actress / author / artist 

Miranda July is all this and apparently even more, given that he just presented at the Venice Film "Somebody", an app created in collaboration with Miu Miu and accompanied by a short film which is inserted as the eighth chapter of "Miu Miu Women's Tales," the acclaimed series dedicated to filmmakers woman critically celebrated femininity in the 21st century. 

July as always, looking for a way to reduce the gap between people, with the aim of creating a physical link in a digital world, and this time, it uses its own technology to unite in a manner strikingly unusual. 


Somebody is a way to send a message to voice, in person, to a friend, without, however, having to be in the same place ... No, it's not the same thing as voice messages whatsapp! 

If your type you should give up, open the app, he writes that he cheated on you, and sends you closer to you will be a person recapitarti of the tragic news, and you will cry in the arms of a stranger who, considering the uses and customs of male heterosexual Italian, is unlikely to know Miu Miu and consequently the unknown will also be gay and you can not even console yourself with him. 

Obviously this is just one of the thousands of possibilities and if you watch the short film you will definitely want to-load the app and lose hours just to appreciate the graphics and "floating messages" of unknown ...