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Tom Ford: Rihanna's Instagram Is More Influential Than Fashion Reviews

Tom Ford: Rihanna's Instagram Is More Influential Than Fashion Reviews

How important is what wearing our singer / favorite actor? Have you ever realized how much this system influences our decisions and what is its price in today's society ? Taking a look around and without thinking too much , I think all of us would answer : a lot. Today we talk of fashion at the time of Instagram, which seems to have turned into a commercial platform , anyone with a smartphone can not help but adore him : Instagram has indeed been a sensational discovery .

This sharing tool fast , simple and modern has become in a short time the tool of choice of all the stars , which can not help but publish daily selfie themselves in the company of their outfits . All captured and instantly shared . There are many stars who can not resist the idea of​​, first of all, Rihanna and from there the ardor of the designers to dress them up .

According to the former creative director of Gucci, Tom Ford, are the stars to lay down the law when it comes to fashion on social , referring to ' account now defunct Rihanna ... we're still recovering from the trauma .

"Something new is happening that I'm just clueing into now -this probably will not go down well- but customers do not care any more about reviews or hard-copy publications. They care what Rihanna just Instagrammed picture while she's naked in bed , what She Has new shoes on , how she's talking about them. That's what they Respond to . "

Through social you get closer to the public, the courts are taking advantage of the virility of the network and its speed elevating the objects in the new status symbol to have in our closet . Maybe that call is so real, so immediate and always within reach at any time of the day that made instagram of the most influential fashion magazines.

Because today a shot of Rihanna wearing the head of a designer is worth more than anything else.