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Damien Ravn SS14 Collection


Damien Ravn SS14 Collection Gamut

Gamut, term that indicates a wide spectrum of different colors , notes or sounds, is the title of Damien Ravn's collection. Norwegian, with studies at the prestigious Royal Academy Of Fine Arts in Antwerp, the talented designer juggles between volumes, draping and layering. Inspired by the architecture of expressionist Raymond Duchamp-Villon and from " Le Maison Cubist " by André Mare, realizes a sophisticated line. Every single garment is the result of a meticulous tailoring, often created from a single piece of cloth folded and expertly constructed.

Ravn cuts out all the clothes in order to create a three-dimensional structures, a building of tissue. The choice of colors has as reference the art, especially the first color photograph of James Clerk Maxwell. Inspired by this image the Scandinavian designer chooses black, plum, beige and white. Damien Ravn mixes hi-tech materials, such as neoprene, with silk, manufactures architectural garments and exercises tailoring techniques with skill, confirming himself as one of the names to keep in mind.