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Justin O'Shea

The Game of Males

Justin O'Shea The Game of Males

This week we decided to veer towards more black shades, a black rocker that smells almost esoteric, because this is the color that denotes our guest.

One being of humankind as to be presentable at the court of Elizabeth II in white tank top and sunglasses, Mr. O'Shea is a silent male attitudes cold and introspective as his gaze, glacial and almost always covered by impenetrable dark glasses. But well-kept beard, because let's face it, it's the beard that makes the man.

It presents itself to our sight with a look that smells of monastic past, definitely rock, like his body, an all -over of tattoos.

The Buying Director of MyTheresa is undoubtedly the Rasputin of the world's fashion week. His impeccable trousers, tailored allways by the turn giddy, they always find a viable counterpart in shirts, literally covered with prints more exotic, going on his flawless slim complete, almost always totally black. Button down or straight collar, long sleeve or short sleeve, his shirts are never trivial and literally live in macro and micro designs, paesley, prints, floral, and striped extra large.

Justin O'Shea is one of the brightest stars of the not always shining  armament of masculine elegance, pride of place credited by his presence at the " Dinner For 25" organized by Monsieur Shuman of The Sartorialist, dinner attended by the 25 most stylish men of the globe .

“London is the pinnacle of where I want to go. It gave me a personality, adirection, a future. London freed me to do things I wanted to.