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Fashion Week SS14

About Shoes and bags

Fashion Week SS14 About Shoes and bags

Street style is the essence of new trends. We are there to capture, catalog and document every look of the fashion week. The work is challenging now, when from single bursts of style we get to draw conclusions , and understand what will become a trend.

Let’s start from shoes!

There is nothing more appealing in a woman's wardrobe. Boredom is banned, also the more classic stiletto inspires futuristic works . The dynamism given from  Loewe’sheels owned by Anna dello Russo are an example , even the Jewel Tone Flames Prada inspired by the 50s engines are no joke .

It seems to leap into the future with these shoes , well-defined geometric shapes , a predilection for large heels or wedges. The colors are ranged from the brightest red and orange to nearly transparent and silver . Metallic looks will accompany us in the coming seasons , conscious femininity at times punk . Our feet will be dotted with studs and buckles .. you thought were you out from the tunnel of the biker boots ? Oh no, even now are badder. Cut out boots are the real footwear’s innovation for next season. Balenciaga docet. If blisters killed your feet and you want to wear the real "chamber look" can take inspiration from Viviana Volpicella and wear Céline’s yards. Undisputed sensory experience. For more traditionalist : stilettos are not banned. Applications, materials and refined colors will make them more original .

About bags, forget the large size .

Only clutch and shoulder bags , common denominator: the irony . The bag is the accessory feature of any outfit . The trendsetters have not spared during the fashion week we saw bottles of perfume, horses, hand glazed, metal baskets and hula hoop signed Chanel. Amazement and design.

Bad news for animalists, fur details seem to sprout everywhere. Clutch perhaps a bit ' challenging for a look every day, but really impact for a special evening .

Quotes from the recent past , the '50s, up to Byzantine times by Dolce & Gabbana

If you're fanatical of privacy you may have to put your mind at rest , plastics and transparencies are invading handbags’ world. You will have no more secrets.

Like true fashion-geek you can’t leave your smartphone even a second . One solution may be the cover with shoulder strap to match the bag (only if you are frou frou girlf), otherwise keep it in your hand will be fine .

The fashion week helps to open the styling’s horizons. Being out of the monotony of everyday’s life has never been so easy, details that make the difference.

And then we women know it well : shoes and bags are never enough.