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Burberry and Vestiaire Collective promote the circular economy

To teach how to buy less and better

Burberry and Vestiaire Collective promote the circular economy To teach how to buy less and better

Starting today, customers in the United Kingdom and the United States are invited to resell their outerwear and bags on the Burberry x Vestiaire Collective platform in exchange for a Burberry gift card.Vestiaire Collective will then propose a price for their used item. Once the price is accepted by the customer, the item must be shipped to Vestiaire Collective, where it will undergo a rigorous authentication and quality control process. All Burberry pieces sold will be available for purchase globally. As part of this partnership, Burberry has also donated a selection of women's heritage trench coats to the platform. The proceeds from the sale of these items will go to the charity Smart Works, based in the UK, which provides suitable clothing for job interviews and assistance to disadvantaged unemployed women. Burberry has been supporting Smart Works since 2013 by donating products to the charity, which aims to help women realize their potential in the workplace. For over 165 years, Burberry has been creating clothing, bags, and accessories designed to stand the test of time. This new partnership is part of the ReBurberry program, which aims to initiate circular initiatives for customers, aligning with the brand's ambition to keep products and materials in use for longer, a value shared with Vestiaire Collective.

Through the Resale as a Service program, Vestiaire Collective guides luxury brands in embracing circularity and is committed to consistently promoting a more responsible fashion industry. With this partnership, Vestiaire Collective continues its mission of transforming the luxury industry for a better and more circular future. Giorgio Belloli, Chief Digital, Customer and Innovation Officer at Burberry, stated, «We are excited to collaborate with Vestiaire Collective to offer our customers another way to give new life to their pieces. Building on our existing circular initiatives, including after-sales services through our ReBurberry program, we hope these pieces can continue to be appreciated by generations to come.» Fanny Moizant, co-founder and president of Vestiaire Collective, said, «This new partnership with Burberry celebrates longevity and represents a step forward in circularity. Vestiaire Collective's mission is to support brands that promote resale and offer more responsible alternatives to their community to buy less but buy better».