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TikTok went crazy over Stüssy's new fleece jacket

The return of a great classic

TikTok went crazy over Stüssy's new fleece jacket The return of a great classic

Thanks to TikTok, we have entered the era of "viral fashion" in which, for seemingly random reasons, certain products become wildly popular everywhere. After Boston Clogs, Dickies pants, and Onitsuka Tiger's Mexico 66s, the new item that is garnering views upon views is Stüssy's new 8-Ball Sherpa Jacket. Actually, an arch-known pattern (the 8-Ball graphic is one of Stussy's great classics), the Sherpa Jacket from Stussy's FW22 collection has a reversible construction that allows the fleece to become an inner lining and turns the jacket into a minimalistic black jacket. 

@im.5ft Replying to @Karton which way round would you rock this? #fyp #viral #streetwear #stussy Sensual Seduction - Snoop Dogg

It is precisely in the possibility of having two jackets in one, combined with the relatively low price of $200 (at the moment the jacket is only available on the brand's U.S. site and goes up to over €500 on the resell market) and the appeal that Stüssy still possesses as a brand, that has made the new 8-Ball Sherpa Jacket immensely popular-just think that the hashtag #stussyfleece possesses 1.8 million views on TikTok while #stussysherpa has 198. 200, not counting the videos that include the jacket without being bookmarked by the hashtag. In addition to these videos devoted exclusively to the jacket, there are also videos about dupes of the jacket itself, often from H&M or Uniqlo or others brands-although none of the dupes are double-sided and especially do not possess the 8-Ball graphic in the oversize version of the pattern.