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What are the most popular Italian brands in the world?

The 10 brands with the most appeal according to Lyst's latest report

What are the most popular Italian brands in the world? The 10 brands with the most appeal according to Lyst's latest report

The appeal of Made in Italy exerts a fascination that has remained unchanged since the 1950s when the narrative imagery of Hollywood on the Tiber took shape. The charm that, according to Lyst's report for Q3 2022, reconfirms itself as a semantic and commercial mechanism capable of influencing fashion and lifestyle internationally: out of twenty brands reported within the Lyst Index as hottest, as many as 10 are Italian

Despite the global economic instability, Milan is having an important moment with Italian houses now dominating the Top 20. Gucci maintains the top spot for the second consecutive quarter, while Prada, Valentino, Miu Miu, Fendi, Diesel, and Versace all move up in the Top 10. According to the Lyst report, searches for Prada increased by 44% this quarter bringing the brand to the second position and its highest ranking in the Index, mainly due to the increase in the query associated with a logo tank top, nylon accessories, and sunglasses for summer. The replicated scenario also for Miu Miu, which, with its latest collection and the repetition of the ballet core trend, jumped two positions, entering the fifth position. Bottega Veneta, continuing to read the report, climbed six positions: informed shoppers sought out the Kalimero bag from Matthieu Blazy's debut collection, while fashionistas and the press positively critiqued his second runway show on social media. Similarly, Pierpaolo Piccioli's work at Maison Valentino also paid off: after the boom derived from the debut of the PPP Collection, the Roman fashion house stamped its first monogram on fabrics and bags, placing third on the podium. 

Tracking the appeal of brands and products, Lyst's report also takes into account social media mentions, activities, and engagement statistics worldwide for about three months. Taking a look at the performance recorded during Milan Fashion Week in September, the situation is not much different from that reported by Lyst: Versace, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, and Dolce & Gabbana all appear in Blogmeter's ranking. The appearance of Paris Hilton on the Versace runway caused searches for the brand to increase by 2000 percent, making Versace rank tenth in the ranking compiled by Lyst. Dolce & Gabbana climbs three places in the rankings, on the strength of the controversy over its collaboration with Kim Kardashian as collection curator and brand ambassador. So if branding has become an extension of the style department fragmented across different digital platforms, it is not surprising that Moncler also ranks seventeenth in Lyst's ranking. Closing out the ranking is Off-White™, in the 20th position.