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BTS gives up music to join the military

There will be no new music until 2025

BTS gives up music to join the military There will be no new music until 2025

It's ironic, for a planetary-successful band whose fans are collectively known as "Army," to have to interrupt one of the most dazzling careers in pop music history to serve compulsory military service - but that's just the way it is. Yesterday the record label that manages BTS, Big Hit Music, announced that the group will put its musical activities on hiatus until 2025, while the various members of the group will have to do mandatory military service for their home country of South Korea, starting with the band's eldest member, Kim Seok-jin, who will enter conscription in October as soon as the release of his latest solo single and related promotional activities are completed.

In South Korea, all men must perform mandatory military service ranging from 18 to 21 months before turning 30. Given the time limit set for 2025, therefore, it is likely that younger members of the group will enlist together to minimize the length of their absence on the scenes. Given the importance attached to military service in the country, refusing to submit to the draft could hurt the popularity of any public figure more than a prolonged absence from the scenes-the bet made by Big Hit is precisely about the loyalty of the group's huge fan base, who have already offered their support to the band members by stating that they are happy to wait as long as it takes.