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What does the appointment of Nur Abbas as Head Design of Yeezy mean?

Former Nike ACG is the man called upon to get West's head in order

What does the appointment of Nur Abbas as Head Design of Yeezy mean? Former Nike ACG is the man called upon to get West's head in order

In recent hours has emerged online the news of the appointment of Nur Abbas as the new Head Design of Yeezy, working side by side with Kanye West to the expansion of the brand in its various iterations, from collabo with adidas to that with Gap. In the note released by the brand, moreover, it is specified how Abbas will also have an active role in the development of Stemwear, the apparel line anticipated by West last week through Instagram and that, in the intentions of its creator, should integrate the functionality of the Stemplayer to a series of items. The appointment of Abbas comes as a surprise in a moment of extreme confusion in the projects of West, protagonist of the last weeks in the news more for his ban from Instagram than for his work and for this reason extremely in need of someone able to put order and clarity in the multitude of ideas and projects standing in West's mind.

In this sense, the curriculum is impeccable, with experience at Louis Vuitton and Uniqlo, therefore capable of understanding fashion at all its levels, until the last appointment, that of design director for Nike ACG, a role held until November 2020. Definitely a name of weight, someone who in all likelihood will not come to play the role of extra but who is ready to play a leading role to, as stated in the statement, "further expand the empire Yeezy. The feeling, however, is that Abbas could also be an emergency solution, an entity called upon to repair the damage at a time when the situation is starting to become far too big to be handled by a single man in charge like Ye who, though always surrounded by a team of collaborators, has always tended to accentuate creative control.

An example in this sense comes from what happened with Mowalola, initially appointed Head Designer in the collabo between Yeezy Gap without a certain sensationalism at the time, but then disappeared until we wonder if his appointment is still in place. If the Nigerian designer at the time was still a rookie, Abbas seems to have the right experience to be able to work in a complex and often turbulent climate as can be that of the Yeezy team in which the personality of West, as often told by various collaborators, can be as stimulating as cumbersome. But beyond the scaremongering, having a person with an experience like that of the new Head Design of Yeezy is definitely good news for the brand, which often appeared too unstructured and left to chance to really succeed in satisfying both the ambitions of West and the desires of the fans.