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The Slam Jam capsule collection with the post-punk group Devo

Based on the concept of Reserve evolution and a "dystopian irony"

The Slam Jam capsule collection with the post-punk group Devo Based on the concept of Reserve evolution and a dystopian irony

A new Slam Jam collaboration is on the way with American post-punk group Devo, founded by Gerald Casale, Bob Lewis and Mark Mothersbaugh in 1972 and known for MTV hits such as Whip It, Girl You Want, Freedom of Choice and Beautiful World. The name of the band "Devo" comes from "de-evolution", a theory according to which humanity, instead of continuing to evolve, is actually being born to regress as evidenced by the dysfunctions and narrow mindedness of American society. The capsule is based on this concept: the slogan that appears on T-shirts, sweatshirts and coordinated sets is "reserve evolution", an ironic and dystopian vision that unites the band at Slam Jam. In a hedonistic era dominated by consumerism, Devo had broken into the music mainstream by conveying political messages and social consideration through their songs, just as Slam Jam has done through clothing since its founding in 1989.

The goal of the collection is to dare a new form to the uniforms of devotees. The Slam Jam x Devo capsule collection includes a retro-futuristic silver jumpsuit that pays homage to the band's most iconic outfits, such as the canary yellow jumpsuits that appear in several music videos. The famous Devo Ziggurat helmet logo wraps around a black intarsia sweater, a black hoodie features a photograph of Devo on the front with the Reverse Evolution logo on the back while the graphic T-shirt, available in black and white, features images of the band in the years of the limelight.

Once introduced by David Bowie as "the band of the future", it's no surprise that Devo's influence can still be felt today. The Slam Jam x Devo collection is proof that the Devotee tribe is still alive and well. Always avant-garde both in music and in looks, in the years of proto-punk, their industrial music already sounded like post-punk. Still active today, Devo are more than just a rock group because their work has always gone far beyond music, that of Casale and Mothersbaugh is in fact a multi-media project that also embraces design and the visual arts: from disruptive music videos and a variety of merchandising, strictly do-it-yourself, Devo have created their own world. It is therefore not surprising that Jam x Devo's is a completely natural duet.