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Diesel's new Guinness campaign

The art of meme applied to fashion

Diesel's new Guinness campaign The art of meme applied to fashion

Diesel has launched a new campaign with some truly special models: Guinness World Record holders. In collaboration with the Guinness World Record, DIESEL has selected a group of young talents, ranging from those with extraordinary bodies to others with unique merits, but still remarkable.Through this collaboration, the brand combines talent, provocation and fun, transforming the campaign into an antidote to the status quo.

Nine record holders and their stories are highlighted: Nick Stoeberl, with the longest tongue in the world of 10.1 centimeters; Maci Currin, with the longest legs in the world of 135.27 centimeters and 134.3 centimeters; Samantha Ramsdell, with the widest mouth opening in the world of 6.52 centimeters; Joseph Grisamore, with the tallest pointed hair in the world of 129.4 centimeters; Gary Duschl, with the world's longest chewing gum paper chain of 32,555.68 meters; Jason Barnes, with the most drum rolls in one minute using a wand prosthesis of 2,400; Edward Niño Hernandez, the smallest man in the world currently alive 72.1 centimeters tall; Maria José Cristerna, with the greatest number of body modifications on a woman with 49 modifications; James Brown with the largest collection of vacuum cleaners in the world consisting of 322 models. These characters remind us ironically that Successful Living is personal for everyone and comes in various forms, reaffirming that each of us, regardless of individual abilities, is extraordinary.

Parody, self-referentiality and virality are the ultimate goal: the campaign creates a parallelism between a certain trend of fashion and the world of memes - which for netizens around the world are simple repetitive and funny images but which sociology and anthropology classify as the basic unit of human cultural evolution, made up of fragments of culture that self-propagate and become viral. The art of online trolling and the concept of triggering in this case attract the attention of users by arousing visceral emotions: the brand binds itself to the consumer, who will tend to remember a brand able to surprise in one way or another rather than one of great value but who doesn’t know how to be as impactful.