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How did “Future Starts Slow” fashion show by IED go?

Eight designers to tell heritage and diversity in fashion post-Covid

How did “Future Starts Slow” fashion show by IED go? Eight designers to tell heritage and diversity in fashion post-Covid

Yesterday afternoon, as part of the programming of Fashion Graduate Italia, Milan fashion show Future Starts Slow, the IED fashion show that featured eight young designers graduated from the European Institute of Design. Chiara Autiero, Paolo Belleri, Dara Silva Bulleri, Andrea De Simone, Yoana Dimitrova, Alessia Giacchetta, Valeria Nicoletti and Gaia Romoli are the names of the eight graduates to present menswear capsules, womanswear and genderless with a particular focus on the expression of their heritage and a highlight on the value of diversity. An extremely vital show, rich in originality but which above all witnessed the recovery of an academic sector that, after the lockdown, came back with greater force than before. Emanuele Soldini, Director of IED Italia, said:

«The enthusiasm of IED and our graduates is great [...]. If we look at the new academic year, [...] the IED Group is close to the threshold of 3,000 students enrolled in courses in the area If we consider the national context, on which we are confronted with schools of Platform Education System Fashion, we can say that the academic year 2021/22 of the Fashion area IED Italy records a positive trend with a growth of +18% compared to last year».


The personal and professional path of the designers takes shape on the catwalk in a bursting and spontaneous way, with a great desire to leave its mark and finally move the first real steps in the fashion world. Showing sensitivity and fears becomes a winning strategy to not be forgotten, and are the emotional faces of Pantomime by Gaia Romoli, the extra-angular shoulder straps by Placebo Experiment by Paolo Belleri and the organic inspirations of Archivio by Alessia Giacchetta to start a provocative dialogue that amazes by force and crypticity, providing food for thought. A more sartorial line given by the perfect drapes of NÓS - pronome com função de sujeito by Dara Silvia Bulleri and the bucolic echoes of The thickness of the air by Valeria Nicoletti proves the daughter of a reasoned attention to detail that become fundamental to fasten the buttons of a shirt called the future. The relationship with color proves to be very strong in all capsules, but it is Q=mc_t by Andrea De Simone and KAì by Chiara Autiero to use it in an expressive way to convey concepts and accompany the silhouettes, between live cuts and monastic draperies. The knitwear of Yoana Dimitrova is shown in full-bodied models that wrap the models in an imaginary journey between emotions and traditions that also thinks of nature.

The neo-designers form a particularly heterogeneous group, where inspiration and diversity also emerges belonging to a historical period in which it was particularly difficult to be young in training. From their faces during the final exit emerges a joy, typical of whom has a lot to say, but for the moment has only started to warm up the engines.