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The resell of Kanye West's new merch is skyrocketing

Are you ready to spend $ 3,000 on a plastic bag?

The resell of Kanye West's new merch is skyrocketing Are you ready to spend $ 3,000 on a plastic bag?

It was not difficult to predict that Donda, the new album by Kanye West expected last Friday, would be released later than the release date, thus respecting the tradition of the Chicago rapper release. In the same way, however, it was equally predictable that the merch sold at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium during the event would end up in the ruthless jerseys of the resell within a few hours, even reaching figures like 500€. The merch, a longsleeve celebrating the event with a photo of Donda West, wasn't among the only things that ended up online at crazy prices.

The celebratory flyer of the evening, free with the longsleeve, ended up online for figures that are around € 50, while the luckiest ones managed to get their hands on the passes reserved only for VIP guests. For the more nostalgic on eBay there is a “Bag of Air from Donda drop”, literally an empty plastic bag sold for the “symbolic” price of over three thousand dollars. A blast from the past for Kanye fans who still remember the bags full of air sold during Yeezus' tour for the much more reasonable $ 60. Whether it's a jersey or a poster, the resell fever for Donda's Listening Party once again tells the weight and media power of West, capable not only of filling a stadium with an event announced with very few days' notice , but also to rekindle the passion of thousands of fans around the world.

As the fever for Donda continues to rise, Kanye appears to continue working on the record whose release date is shrouded in mystery. If someone has indicated August 6th as the day to be marked on the calendar, others hypothesize a release in the next few days while West and his team have been living for days inside the stadium in Atlanta, the city that only a few days ago officially established Kanye West Day on July 22nd. While waiting to hear Donda, Allegra Ream recounted for nss magazine the faces and moments of the event staged last Thursday at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.