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5 Nordic brands for your summer outfits

Scandinavian fashion is much more than just minimalism

5 Nordic brands for your summer outfits Scandinavian fashion is much more than just minimalism

Scandinavian fashion has always been associated with minimalism – which is reductive as the proposals that are seen every season at the various Fashion Weeks in the United States, especially at Copenhagen Fashion Week, are increasingly interesting and go far beyond the classic ready-to-wear proposals that are seen in Paris or Milan. Many of the best brands that come from the Scandinavian area, in fact, have the enormous advantage of remixing with intelligence and a certain vintage sensibility the great classics of clothing: whether it is deconstructed shirts, item utilities for hippies haute out there or shirts with a distinct '70s mood but with an all-modern edge – Scandinavian fashion always has an ace up its sleev

For the warm season that is already just around the corner, one or two items that bring with them the classic Scandinavian vibe are a must consider, and for this reason we offer you here 5 Nordic brands perfect to bring some freshness to your summer wardrobe.

Wood Wood (@woodwood_official)

The last season of Wood Wood, a now famous brand among the aficionados of a fresh and youthful fashion, devoid of the sussiego that meets elsewhere in Europe, wants to recall the 60s and 70s and, specifically, recall Nørrebro, the Copenhagen district where Wood Wood was born. The garments take up the aesthetics of those years so well that the updates that make them modern garments are almost invisible – almost as if the design work had become so subtle that it even concealed its presence. The result is a series of everyday but vibrant garments, all with a precise personality but also subtly nostalgic.

Heliot Emil (@heliot_emil)

It's almost angering that Heliot Emil isn't more famous and celebrated for its collections – but on the other hand it's its niche brand charm that makes it so beautiful. Its aesthetic rigor is almost impossible to find in today's fashion landscape: some of the clothes signed by creative director Julius Juul will remember the beginnings of Matthew Williams – but Heliot Emil is much, much more. Tailoring is something totally avant-garde, with a layering concept that simply isn't found elsewhere, the modularity of clothes, the ability to create compositions and fabric architectures is extraordinary, as is the design of accessories and hardware. The work on materials rivals the rest: the most iconic piece of the brand is the Liquid Metal Trousers, which went viral on Instagram at the time of their release, and built in a reflective fabric that modulates the light creating the impression of a molten metal.

Séfr (@sefr__)

Luxurious without being quirky, vintage-inspired without being boring or repetitive, Séfr is one of the sleeper hits of the Scandinavian world. Born as an archival shop in 2012 in Malmö, Séfr quickly evolved into a real brand, launching a menswear line in 2016. Since then Séfr has only improved and for its collection SS21 has proposed a range of clothes inspired by the 70s that hide, between looks, very rare pearls: entitled "Union" and immortalized in a dreamy campaign by Linus Morales, the range of this season is full of very particular sartorial garments , equipped with oversized revers and collars, light and lively shirts and some garments in wrinkled effect fabric that are simply refined.

Henrik Vibskov (@henrikvibskov)

 Vibskov is no longer an emerging designer, none the less should we talk about it: the person Henrik Vibskov is a kind of Renaissance Man who curats books and exhibitions, actively participates in academic initiatives in major fashion universities in Europe, including the Central Saint Martins and the Antwerp Academy, and also creates two collections a year for his eponymous brand; the Henrik Vibskov brand brings with it the unique track of its founder using incredible techniques and silhouettes. His main talent lies in bringing together materials, cuts and finishing that create layered, technical and complex looks.

Mark Kenly Domino Tan (@mkdtstudio)

With a brand founded in 2012, which soon became famous in fashion echelons for its innovative use of fabrics and its structured tailoring, Mark Kenly Domino Tan made his bones in Paris before returning to his native Denmark and launching his career – which also led him to dress members of the Danish royal house. His SS21 collection, which opened Copenhagen Fashion Week last year, is a dream: menswear is simple, the sartorial approach meticulous but very relaxed, but as the looks progressed the whiteness and clarity of the items in the collection became increasingly structured, increasingly layered with almost architectural womanswear looks and the almost poetic ability to evoke images and feelings.