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The MQBMBQ roundtable on Black Italian queer identity

In collaboration with Converse

The MQBMBQ roundtable on Black Italian queer identity In collaboration with Converse

As part of the ongoing Converse All Stars program, Converse’s robust community-focused ecosystem of mentorship, commissions, and funding; the brand is sponsoring All Star Projects in key cities such as Milan, which are specifically focused on supporting the creative action of emerging creatives. In Italy, Converse All Star community member Jordan Anderson strives to define new possibilities and provoke new conversations in diversity and representation— areas where progress is critically needed today. On the occasion of Pride Month, Converse and MQBMBQ – My Queer Blackness My Black Queerness are back to collaborate with a continuation of the #TheQueerBlackItalianExperience project presented last year. The result was MQBMBQ - The Roundtable, a group talk conducted by MQBMBQ founder Jordan Anderson, together with seven Black Queer Italians: the protagonists of the talk will be Loredane Tshilombo, Francesca Zanardo, Majid Capovani, Emmanuel Yoro, Mati Gwen Cosenza and Stefano Duc.

The goal of the conversation is to create a safe space for the Italian Black Queer community open to the free sharing of opinions and experiences. The talk will expand the vision born with the digital platform The Queer Black Italian Experience that last year had investigated Italian society and the lives of members of the black and queer community within it. The filming of the roundtable was directed by the young filmmaker Byron Rosero with the looks of the protagonists curated by the Italian-Peruvian stylist Giulia Revolo.

MQBMBQ - The Roundtable will be available from June 10 on MQBMBQ's official platform and social channels.