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Everything we know about the release of YZY GAP

The latest news over a year after the announcement

Everything we know about the release of YZY GAP The latest news over a year after the announcement
UPDATE 25.05.21: After rumors about a launch before the summer, rumors continue to follow one another about an upcoming release for the YZY GAP collabo. The latest news comes directly from Business of Fashion, which in an article by Brian Baskin talks about the end of June as the date identified by the American company to launch the clothing line created by Kanye West. The news comes along with the numbers on GAP's last quarter, desperate for a breakthrough in its sales after a period of red due both to the pandemic and to a loss of appeal for the brand, which now hopes to earn 150 million dollars in 2022 thanks to the agreement with Yeezy.

Waiting for certain news, however, Marc Jacobs thought about growing the hype de fans who decided to have his say on the collaboration on Instagram with a simple and satisfying "It's going to be fantastic!"

Almost a year after the announcement of the agreement between Yeezy and GAP for the creation of a collaboration between the American brand and Kanye West, the first news on the possible release date of the collaboration finally surfaces. GAP's intentions would be to distribute the collection by July with the aim of earning 150 million dollars within the first year thus partially emulating the success of another profitable collaboration, that between West and adidas, which grew by 31% during last year with approximately $1.7 billion in annual revenue. 

GAP's expectations are certainly no secret. After a period that was anything but positive, the brand hopes to find a prominent place in the fashion business with a ten-year agreement that provides for the creation of an apparel line for men, women and children. Footwear remains out, exclusive to the agreement with adidas expiring in 2026. According to the brand's expectations, the YZY GAP line should reach the value of one billion dollars within eight years

Thanks to the agreement with GAP, in addition to the income from his Yeezy brand and other investments, Kanye West is currently the richest African American in America with a net worth of $6.6 billion, a long way from Jay. -Z with his 1.4 billion dollars. Bloomberg's estimate also includes $122 million in cash and shares and $1.7 billion in other assets, including a significant investment in Kim Kardashian's brand, SKIMS. Additionally, West's music catalogue was valued at $110.5 million.