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The best and worst outfits of the third evening of Sanremo

How was the duet night?

The best and worst outfits of the third evening of Sanremo How was the duet night?

Discontinuous developing for the third evening of the Festival, dedicated to covers and duets. Among surprise guests, sound problems, guessed performances and boring interludes the length of the episode was felt. One thing immediately became clear, however: the festival should be given in the hands of women. Orietta Berti and Donatella Rettore took to the stage with their guns blazing, Vittoria Ceretti tolerated Fiorello's jokes (actually a little tired) with an seraphic calm and unlining a succession of devastating looks, the absolute queen Monica Guerritore and Emma Marrone managed to obfuscate even an Achille Lauro in living statue version and La Rappresentante di Lista, always in total Valentino look, brought a new energy to the stage that Sanremo needed.

Without lingering further, here were the tops and flops of the clothes of the third evening of Sanremo.


Vittoria Ceretti in Valentino, Armani and Versace

Class personified.

Achille Lauro and Emma Marrone in Gucci

Two dresses covered with mini-crystals in toga and peplo version. The looks were not minimal but had a simple, not overloaded, mood of opulence. Kudos for Monica Guerritore who is the real goddess.

Maneskin's victoriana aesthetic with Manuel Agnelli in Armani

Again Etro for the Maneskins, at this lap able to overcome even the outfit of the past night. Manuel Agnelli in Emporio Armani we did not expect it, especially in the Sandokan version, but Manuel Agnelli can do what he wants.

Gaia in Ferragamo blue with Lous and the Yakuza

Gaia in Ferragamo does a color update, a beautiful blue, holds the fringes only on gloves and wears an asymmetrical skirt. Marie-Pierra Kakoma, however, was simply divine. Their final embrace is a testament to the power of the blue and orange combo on a stage.

Aiello in Lanvin

If I'd met him on the street, I'd have stopped him to compliment him on the shirt.

Fulminacci in Vaderetro with Andrea Lundini

In a festival full of mega-fashion brands, Vaderetro is the real breakout star. The 70s looks created together with Tiny Idols for Fulminacci are pleasantly refreshing after the binge of sequin, scarlet suits and very long evening dresses. The presence of Lundini (the freshest individual in the entire Rai universe) was the icing on the cake.


Francesco Renga in Dolce & Gabbana & Casadilego in COTE

Dolce & Gabbana vary along with their looks: with Colapesce and Dimartino, as well as with Fasma, they produce controlled and decent outfits, but something went wrong with Renga's slightly schizophrenic pinstripe last night. Casadilego, for her part, had guessed the dreamy mood right but her dress was perhaps missing accessories and the look seemed a bit amateurish.

Ermal Meta in Dolce & Gabbana

There's no good music that could live through a pair of red pants. Especially if the blue double-breasted with which it is paired has prints on the revers. Also (and here's an honest doubt) were the shoes black?

Roy Paci

There is perhaps no more honestly sympathetic musician in Italy. But between the sparkly jacket and the somewhat strange cut of the trousers, the outfit did not fly high. Lucky the music was always on point.