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The new vGoghi Jupiter Sunglasses

To fly into space

The new vGoghi Jupiter Sunglasses To fly into space
Among the most interesting designers on the Italian scene, vGoghi has created its version of one of the accessories par excellence in every self-respecting outfit, sunglasses. The Jupiter Sunglasses see the collaboration with RWP Talent Hub, an emerging reality in the production of glasses in Italy, to bring a product that combines quality and design.

The silhouette is inspired by some of vGoghi's favorite models, mixing elements and influences to create a complex and ambitious project. The glasses are made in Italy with Laes acetate and Zeiss CR39 lenses produced in limited quantities to keep the quality of each single pair to the maximum. Wrapped in a galactic veil, hence the name Jupiter, the glasses are accompanied by a soft hand-made lining.

The Jupiter Sunglasses will be available in limited quantities with a retail price of € 150 starting from Monday 1st March. nss magazine and vGoghi have given away a couple, to win them you just need to participate in the raffle on the Instagram profile of nss magazine.