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Pull&Bear's new collection inspired by the modern art world

Wearing masterpieces

Pull&Bear's new collection inspired by the modern art world Wearing masterpieces

Art and fashion are two worlds that have always been in dialogue. Modern artists such as Piet Mondrian and Vasily Kandinsky have had a lasting influence on pop culture, which has extended far beyond the elegant museum halls and has introduced, over time, to some of the best wardrobes in the world. Mondrian's iconic Compositions, for example, part of the current of Dutch Neo-Plasticism inspired by Cubism, based on rigid geometries and the use of primary colors, have had an endless influence on fashion and pop culture: from couture French the 1960s to the 80s uniforms of the Tour de France and the avant-garde of Japanese designers of the end of the century, from sneakers to today's main street brandwear up to the artwork of music albums by Coldplay and The White Stripes. 

Today, Pull&Bear has also decided to tell the world of modern art to its young audience with an exclusive collection in which the works of modern artists such as Mondrian, Kandinsky, El Lissitzkysi and Kazimir Malevich mix with the works of romantic masters such as J. M. W. Turner, William Blake, William Waterhouse, George Stubbs and Sir John Everett Millais  kept at the Tate Gallery become the main protagonists of the main ready-to-wear items. The collection is also part of Pull&Bear's Join Life category and is made with strict sustainability criteria.

A series of colorful prints reinterpreting the works of Kandinsky and Turner cover the puffer jackets, T-shirts and accessories of the womanswear collection. The works of Mondrian and Malevich, on the other hand, inspire the graphics of t-shirts, hoodies and trousers. In the menswear collection, hoodies and trousers are covered with the works of J. M. W. Turner, while a series of denim jackets is decorated with drawings and watercolors by the poet-painter William Blake. To this is added a wide selection of accessories with tote bags inspired by the emblematic painting Kossacks by Kandinsky, crossbody bags with the works of Sir John Everett Millais and hats that reinterpret one of George Stubbs' most representative horse paintings.

Pull&Bear's art-inspired collection is already available online and in all stores of the brand.