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Pull & Bear's new digital show

Digital is increasingly becoming a unifying factor in the industry

Pull & Bear's new digital show Digital is increasingly becoming a unifying factor in the industry

Post-Covid fashion is a (at least in part) digital fashion. The recent lockdown has made clear the inextricability of the relationship between humanity and technology, especially in the fashion industry. If in the age of the shows theatricality and opulence were the only weapons available to brands, who could surpass each other only by competing in the grandeur of production, the digital medium also allows alternative realities to haute couture to communicate with creativity and intelligence. From fashion schools to young and independent brands, the new digital language has become, even quite quickly, part of fashion culture – a trend that Pull &Bear has also used to present its FW20 collection through a virtual visual space.

To present its winter clothing proposal, in fact, the brand has created a visual space that functions as a real expressive platform and that combines photography, video, 3D art and digital avatars. Through a sequence plan in which the moods of the new collections are narrated, Pull &Bear shows all the products that will be launched during the next season – a new process for a democratic fashion brand like Pull &Bear, which allows users to explore the various collections in advance and all round using the format of the digital fashion show. A type of strategy that could set a new standard for the industry.

As for the collection itself, the aesthetics of the feminine side focuses on the tones of the earth, with visual games of plaid patterns or animal prints but also with inserts of different textures such as eco-skin, vinyl and rib-corduroy. The masculine side of the collection instead offers garments with utility aesthetics but with modern touches, neutral colors suitable for every daily occasion and other more flashy garments such as synthetic mutton. On the graphic, however, the neutral colorways in the collection contrast with metalized olegrapher, tie-dye and sprays and color tones such as purple, blue or lime green.

The new digital fashion show for Pull & Bear's FW20 collection is already available online on the brand's official website