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Lidl sneakers are getting a restock

Campout outside the supermarket from May 10th

Lidl sneakers are getting a restock Campout outside the supermarket from May 10th

UPDATE 04/05/2021:  Lidl's sneakers are coming back. The German supermarket chain has in fact decided to ride the success of its ironic streetwear collection and program a restock of sneakers from May 10th. Lidl's sneakers had been hugely successful last fall, riding the trend of fashion-trolling and certainly expecting them to steal as they had already done at the time of their first release, during which rows had formed in front of the supermarket and sold out everywhere, with resell prices immediately inflated.

UPDATE 11/16/2020: If you thought that the hype for the Lidl collection was just a passing phenomenon then maybe you will be disappointed. On the occasion of the Italian drop, lines of people flocked to the supermarkets of the German chain in an attempt to take home a pair of sneakers. The result was an almost immediate sold-out, with assaulted lanes and packed trolleys.

UPDATE 23/10/2020: After the media success following the first drop, the Lidl streetwear collection will also arrive in Italy in 660 stores. The date is November 16th, while the prince range will fluctuate from € 2.99 to € 12.99.

If anyone thought that the streetwear could reach even the supermarket near your house, they were probably right.

Lidl, the supermarket chain founded in Germany in 1930 with over 10000 stores all over the world, has launched its street-inspired clothing line, from a pair of sneakers clearly inspired by the Nike Huarache to the slides bearing the brand logo and presenting classic colours. To complete the collection there are also T-shirts and socks, strictly white with the 
symbol of the German chain clearly visible on them. The line, already sold-out on the online shop, was then presented with a lookbook that clearly echoes that of a generic streetwear brand. 

At the moment the articles are not available in Italy, but waiting for Lidl to respond to the request of its fans on Twitter, the most impatient can always try with the resell market. Like any self-respecting drop, this is also available online at a tripled price, with sneakers that go from the democratic € 12.90 to the much more prohibitive € 350 of a Belgian reseller. More than a pair of Yeezy. 

The DailyMail even reports on an English fan who has come to spend over 3000 pounds on a pair of sneakers, slides and socks, while from Finland they tell of people lined up outside the stores and empty shelves a few seconds after opening.

If Lidl's initiative was clearly goliardic, the customers' reaction could represent a further sign of the mass hysteria that has risen around the resell phenomenon in the latest years. Although only a few will really be willing to buy a pair of sneakers for €300 which cost less than a tenth, especially without a pair of quotation marks drawn above, the only idea that a supermarket chain has successfully inserted itself into a sector such as streetwear represents a success for them and a partial failure for us.