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Jacquemus's guide to Marseille

The Mediterranean aesthetic of the city told by the designer in a series of Instagram videos

Jacquemus's guide to Marseille  The Mediterranean aesthetic of the city told by the designer in a series of Instagram videos

France is more than just Paris – something Simon Jacquemus never tires of reminding his followers. The designer is originally from Salon-de-Provence, one of the most beautiful towns in rural France told through his social media and his collections – a town that is forty kilometers from Marseille, the second largest city in France, as well as a real capital of that particular type of Mediterranean aesthetic that distinguishes the French Riviera. Yesterday, Jacquemus decided to share with his two million and four hundred thousand followers his personal tips for exploring the city listing the best restaurants, bars, hotels and shops as well as the most romantic locations in the city. The "Jacquemus City Guide" as the designer himself called it is affectionately titled Mon Marseille.

The designer's is an affectionate appropriation/celebration that began years ago with the publication of the photo book Marseille Je T'Aime in 2017 and especially with the show of the SS19 collection held two years ago in the beautiful Calanque de Sormiou, tiny beach just outside the city. After overcoming the lockdown with one of the best social media strategies seen in recent times and breaking the internet with the Facetime campaign starring Bella Hadid, the casual guide Mon Marseille represents the new chapter of that narrative brand that Simon Jacquemus has been cultivating for years. The video guide of your home city is a great way to give the trend of Mediterranean aesthetics a completely personal spin - a format not without economic potential, given the explicit endorsement given to specific commercial establishments in the city that might seem to be that of an influencer (remember that part of Jacquemus's business also takes place in the field of catering, with two premises in Paris) if it were not for that veil of autobiographism that makes the video guide more.

Mon Marseille thus continues that narrative of the brand suspended between senitmentality and marketing, promoting an aesthetic based on transparency and simplicity as well as possessing a deeply experiential side ("Jacquemus is not about nightlife and clubbing and things like that", the designer told Dazed in 2016, recounting his brand through sensory experiences, "It’s more about fruit and vegetables and rolling in the grass") which, as mentioned in the article mentioned above, thanks to its "lightness" and lack of invasiveness becomes able to weave an almost emotional relationship with the community close around the brand managing to make its products the material manifestation of a series of values and a world of aesthetic references in which they can reflect. That is, an interpretation without defects of the codes and languages that are the basis of the New Luxury.

Below is a list of all the locations in Marseille recommended by Simon Porte Jacquemus.



La Mercerie

Epicerie L’Idéal

Chez Yassine

Chez Etienne

Chez Paul

Pizzeria La Bonne Mère


La Relève



Le Bar des Amis

Chez Le Belge

Chez Jeannot

Glacerie Vanille Noire

Bricoleurs de Douceur

Boulangerie Maison Saint-Honoré

L'Eau a la Bouche



Maison Empereur

Maison Mère

Quartier des Antiquaires


Librairie L'Odeur du Temps

Le Père Blaize

Da visitare

Notre-Dame de la Guarde 

Calanque de Sormiou

Grand Roue de Marseille

Cité radieuse de Marseille


Plage Malmousque


Le Train de la Côte bleue

Taxi Bateau


Le Café de L'abbaye

Bar Gaspard

Viaghiji Di Fonfon

Le Bar sur la Mer



Les Bords de Mer

Hotel Maison Empereur

Le Petite Nice

Jogging Samena

Les Cabanons de Fonfon

Le Rhul