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Nike ISPA's collection for summer 2020

Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, Adapt

Nike ISPA's collection for summer 2020 Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, Adapt

The philosophy of Nike ISPA, the division of the brand dedicated to the realization of the most innovative and functionality-oriented technologies and projects, is summarized in its own name, acronym of the motto Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, Adapt. Improvisation from what you have, the scavenging of the most innovative solutions found in the past, protection from external agents and the adaptation imposed on the designs to develop their full potential. Even the logo of the line is composed of the union of the letters and sources of the four most innovative Nike sneaker lines: the "I" of the Air Max, the "S" of the Shox, the "P" of Presto and the "A" of VaporMax. If Nike's greatest pure sports innovations are driven by the demands of the athletics world, ISPA has the potential for innovation in solving the lifestyle needs of everyday life. Nike ISPA products, both sneakers and apparel, are the pinnacle of Nike's signature techwear, combining and evolving all the technologies and innovations created by the brand and hidden in its vast archives.

For the 2020 summer season, Nike ISPA has signed four sneakers and a collection of athletic apparels that look like they came from the future.  The inspirations for these products come as much from the brand's historical archives as from films like Mad Max or from traditional footwear such as Japanese Tabi. All the sneakers from the Nike ISPA 2020 collection will be released at intervals over the next few months, nss magazine has compiled a list of releases in chronological order with information for each shoe and for the apparel capsule that accompanies them.

Nike ISPA Overreact FK

The solution that ISPA designers wanted to propose with this sneaker was that of comfort. In designing overreact, designers recombined multiple different technologies recovered from Nike archives. The first is the shoe cushioning platform, which takes advantage of Nike React technology and is composed of a foam that absorbs shocks, guarantees the return of energy and possesses a remarkable strength and durability while remaining structurally light. 

The name Overreact comes from the extremization of the characteristics of the classic React, such as the doubling of the woven geometric pattern that increases the cushioning already provided by the normal React soles. The effect is achieved by mapping the pressure and density of the material at the points where the foot applies greater strength. Removing the inner layers increases the feeling of cushioning even more because the foot is much closer to the foam layer. 

The shoe top, which also features an innovative connection system, represents the evolution of Nike's Flyknit using recovery textile materials, such as those of the Nike VaporMax 2 Random. Mesh elements are also retrieval, and the shoe's color combinations are dictated by the available yarns. 

Release date: 9 July

Nike ISPA Zoom Road Warrior

The Road Warrior has one of the most aggressive designs in the entire footwear range and recovers innovations originally designed for running, basketball and outdoor sports sneakers. The sole of the shoe is in fact open, with the suspended heel inspired by the first Nike Shox prototypes, and is decorated under the insole by elastic pods that are instead a reference to the pioneering design of the Nike Air zooom Alphafly Next and the Nike Air zooom BB NXT.

The mom, on the other hand, combines the robustness of training shoes with the design for outdoor running to provide agility and protection. The breathable mesh with which this is composed, then, offers maximum comfort and propulsion in any environment and circumstance.

Release date: 10 July

Nike ISPA Overreact FK Sandal

The version of the Overract technology declined in the form of the sandal amplifies the approach to the comfort of the sneaker adapting the construction for the warmer season. The sole unit follows the design of the Overract sneaker while the main difference lies in the top which has a design reduced to the essential characterized by an exposure of the interior layers and structural elements. The opening of the structure of the tomaia allows perspiration and passage of air as well as making the sneaker noticeably lighter and perfectly durable.

Release date: 31 July

Nike ISPA Flow 2020

The ISPA Flow 2020 is the most direct and precise solution to the problem of breathability. The lightness of the structure and the air flow that can pass through the shoes are taken to the extreme thanks to a perforated sole that allows the internal suction of the air flow. The sole was created based on the thermal mapping of the human foot, locating the points of greatest heat accumulation and designing the drilling system according to maximum functionality. ISPA generative engineers then generated the framework for building both the sole and the thorax in wave mesh.

Release date: 13 August

Nike ISPA Drifter

This sneaker reworks the concept of Japanese Tabi footwear with its shattered structure by updating it with the structural robustness of the training sneakers. The split-toe top rests on a flexible, lightweight foam base that incorporates the technology of the fastest running sneakers in the Nike range, the Nike ZoomX. The external taping, with strap-like bands surrounding the split-toe structure, provide stability, shape and fit to the sneaker while a unique fastening system allows the connection from both the front and middle sides of the eyelets.

Release date: 1 September

Nike ISPA Fall 2020 capsule collection

A capsule collection of hyper-functional techwear completes the selection of the four sneaker models. All items will be available from July 9 except for the Nike ISPA Inflate Jacket which had its release last March. The Inflate Jacket had its early exit because it was designed for spring climates with their average temperature change of five degrees. Adapting the technology of Nike Airvantage, a jacket produced in 2006 and equipped with an air chamber system inside its silhouette, the Inflate Jacket takes a step forward by equipping itself with a removable air bladder that can be inflated to increase thermal insulation and therefore heat or deflated to increase mobility and freshness.

The rest of the capsule collection consists of a body suit and top equipped with a configuration of mesh panels that guarantee mobility and ventilation alternated by Nike Dri-FIT, one of the most advanced techwear fabrics of the brand. The range is complemented by the bottom: an ISPA Pant that mixes workwear elements with the anti-abrasion technology of the pants used in BMX and motocross competitions, adding an aesthetic touch reminiscent of the style of punks; and an ISPA Short for women that recovers the design of the Nike Tempo shorts but updated with seams and panels of materials strategically arranged to ensure maximum airflow.