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Pope Francis and Tyler, The Creator have the same watch

And it costs just over 13€

Pope Francis and Tyler, The Creator have the same watch And it costs just over 13€

If anyone asked what is the common trait of Pope Francis and Tyler, The Creator the correct answer would not be the sympathy but, as Highsnobiety rightly pointed out, a wristwatch. In fact, if John Paul II wore a Rolex Datejust on his wrist and his successor, Benedict XVI, opted for a Teutonic Erhard Junghans, Pope Francis wears a Casio MQ24-7B – which on Amazon costs just 13.56 euros. An almost identical Casio model, MQ24-9B, is Tyler The Creator's watch of choice. Both characters chose these surprisingly cheap models in clear break with the tradition that preceded them: both Popes and rappers, in fact, have a certain propensity for far more expensive brands, such as Patek Philippe and Rolex.

If it were possible to find a parallel between Tyler and the Pope, perhaps the watch would be a great starting point. While a successful artist like Drake, for example, flaunts his wealth among Jacob & Co.'s comically elaborate watches and a Virgil Abloh-styled private jet, Tyler's approach to style is certainly more down-to-earth, just like Pope Francis who, at the time of his ascent to the Soglio, preferred a more understated wooden and white fabric throne the elaborate baroque seat in gold leaf of his predecessor – a choice of style that goes up to the clothing, with the simple white outfit of Francis contrasted with the stoles and fur-edged cloaks of Benedict XVI.

The appeal of both figures, in short, is also based on the relatability of their lifestyle that, although not necessarily the same as that of the public, at least does not detach itself from it decisively, through the flaunting of the skills of their bank account.