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The Creative Industry Under Quarantine - E03 Gianluca Cantaro

NOWFASHION Editor-in-Chief Gianluca Cantaro shares his new daily routine

The Creative Industry Under Quarantine - E03 Gianluca Cantaro NOWFASHION Editor-in-Chief Gianluca Cantaro shares his new daily routine

As written by the co-founder of nss Walter D'Aprile in an editorial first published on Highsnobiety, then on nss magazineCoronavirus is the first shared experience in a globalized world. Fashion is among the industries that are suffering the biggest consequences of this emergency. Beyond the supply chain, in fact, an important part of the fashion industry is represented by its editorial counterpart: magazines are, in effect, the favorite link between designers and their creativity and the large public of passionates.

Following the first episode with Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini from THE ATTICO and the second one with Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo from SUNNEInss magazine reached to Gianluca Cantaro, editor-in-chief of NOWFASHION, the online magazine that's quickly become one of the most important sources for every fashion enthusiasts, the first real time fashion photography magazine to publish exclusive live fashion shows and daily artcles. We asked him how the fashion editorial world can (and must) react to this situation of crisis.

#1 Describe your typical quarantine day

I wake up every morning at the same time I used to when I had to go to work: 7am. I have my regular cup of espresso for breakfast. Then I spend something like 334.497.495.000 hours scrolling through social medias. Around 8.30am I dedicate some time to stretching and exercising as old people on transatlantic flights (that's me). Then I work, even if in these days there's not much to do. I watch a lot of movies, read, study Japanese and I try to do all those things that you feel like you never had time to do. Something like make order in my house. Seriously, I'm good: Marie Kondo asked me on Facetime if I want to be her tutor.


#2 Your first thought when you realized that Coronavirus was a real and concrete issue

I was coming back from Paris Fashion Week when I noticed that the official communications from Italian Government were so confused. I think that medias have handled the whole situation so badly, trying only to sell copies and gain views on their websites. There's been a completely unnecessary sensationalism, and the worst is that it was driven by them who had to discern the right informations to help the Country. Instead, newspapers and media they just generated panic. That's what it happened when they published the draft of the first official ordinance: it was this panic that caused the general exodus towards the South of Italy, that lately helped the spread of the virus. That's why I tend to keep me updated looking directly at the source, through the Government and Minister's websites.


#3 The app you're using the most in this period

TikTok and Instagram. Then iMessage, Whatsapp, WeChat and Line to communicate with my friends all over the world.


#4 Your biggest fear and what you miss the most

My biggest fear is people who still don't get how much they need to stay at home. Instead, they keep going out and that is not respectful for everyone who's suffering and especially to the ones who are working to save us all, as doctors and nurses. I'm also concerned about how Italy will manage the post-crisis, especially from an economic perspective. I miss my family and friends. I can't stand the online happy-hours and stuff like that (LOL) and I miss going out and training on open air, whether is running or playing soccer; but people must understand that they shouldn't do anything outside of their homes.

#5 The most pleasing surprise of this quarantine

Slowing down, I've been able to stop and reflect more about anything. My daily routine at work requires immediacy, and that doesn't help you to think properly.


#6 Your soundtrack or the album you've been listening non-stop

I listen to many many things. I'm always adding songs to my playlist. Right now, thanks to TikTok I'm obsessed with Bando by Anna (LOL)


#7 Your tip for creative people who are having trouble with this time of standstill

I feel like we're one big team of friends. Go back to thinking, as I'm trying to do - and enjoy this precious opportunity. Don't think about when it's going to end, because we still can't know that.


#8 Are you already planning your post-quarantine?

I don't know, I don't think that making projects makes any sense right now. But I'm imagining different scenarios.