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The Tabi Sneakers by an Yeezy's former designer

Her new project is called ILSMY

The Tabi Sneakers by an Yeezy's former designer Her new project is called ILSMY

One of Yeezy's former junior designers, Sara Jaramillo, has launched a new project called ILYSM with designer Alice Wang presenting it with a new sneaker model. Not much is known about the ILYSM project yet, which has been described as an anti-conventional platform for the launch of projects and merchandise, somewhere between an actual brand and a creative studio. Together, the two designers have created a sustainable and economical sneaker inspired by Japanese Tabi shoes.

The Tabi model was brought quite strikingly into the fashion world by Martin Margiela in the SS89 season. But the one designed by Jaramillo and Wang is not a luxury boot, but a real eco-friendly sneaker. The sneaker upper is made of a blend of regenerated polyester, silk and viscose, coming from suppliers specializing in sustainable and traceable materials. The packaging and sewing technique of the upper itself produces 30% fewer waste materials. The internal sole is made of ethically rearing merino wool and recycling foam. The sneaker is also paired with a pair of socks with a split-toe structure.

The new Tabi Sneakers by Sara Jamarillo and Alice Wang are not only eco-friendly but also accessible to everyone. The retail price with which they will arrive on the market is 99$ and the release date of the online drop, on the ILYSM web page, is set for December 10th. At the moment you can make a pre-order.