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2019 Top Pop Culture Outfit Inspirations

Lyst predict what we're going to wear on the night of October 31st

2019 Top Pop Culture Outfit Inspirations Lyst predict what we're going to wear on the night of October 31st

October 31st is coming and the question that everyone is wondering these days is: which Halloween costume will I wear? Lyst analyzed the research of its millions of users and found out what will be the most popular choices this year. The scariest night of the year will be populated by many Joker, Aladdin's Genie, Lizzo, Wednesday Addams, but we also predict a rain of cowboy boots, jackets with fringes, glitter and yellow items.

Here's the top 10 Pop Culture Outfit Inspirations.

10. Wednesday Addams

When it comes to Halloween, the Addams family is extremely charming. That's probably why online fashion searches including the keyword “Addams” have steadily been rising since August, with searches for Wednesday Addams showing a 120% increase. There are different versions of the darkest family on the screen to be inspired by. A large number of people will choose the movies starring Christina Ricci and Anjelica Huston, fashionistas will opt for Wednesday in Prada FW19, while true fans will copy the 70s TV series.

9. Scoops Ahoy, Stranger Things

Since first hitting our screens in 2016, Stranger Things has almost become synonymous with Halloween costumes. This year, however, fans will be looking to the Scoops Ahoy sailor uniform worn by Steve Harrington and Maya Hawks during the show’s third season for outfit inspiration. It's no coincidence, then, those sailor suits have seen a 250% increase in online searches in the last 12 months.

8. Rocketman

Rocketman reminded us how cool Elton John's looks were. As a result, glasses with large, square frames and striped robes became viral, suggesting a particularly comfortable Halloween costume. If, on the other hand, you want a more sophisticated outfit, the movie and the vintage images of the singer are a moodboard full of inspiration.

7. Aladdin's genie

This Halloween, the live-action remake of Aladdin, with Will Smith as Genie, will translate into many costumes. That is proved by the searches for blue wide-leg trousers and red belts on the rise, as well as chunky gold jewelry.  If you don't want all your face and body painted blue, we suggest you to take inspiration from a much more vintage genie: Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie, the late-60s iconic American sitcom.

6. Karl Lagerfeld e Choupette

In 2015 Josh Duhamel and Fergie went as Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette for Halloween. Their idea could be a way to ironically pay homage to the iconic designer. All you need is a black suit, a high-collar white shirt, a black tie and, of course, a cat. If you don't have one, please don't kidnap your neighbor's kitty, better opt for a plush toy.

5. Old Town Road

Lil Nas X brought the country-style back in fashion with over 313 million YouTube views of his hit Old Town Road. Lyst data shows that searches for cowboy hats are up 250% year on year and for fringed jackets are up 371% since August. Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus may be a different idea to the traditional Halloween couple costumes.

4. RuPaul

No one knows better than RuPaul, who with his talent show RuPaul's Drag Race created a television phenomenon and introduced drag queens to mainstream culture, how to free our inner "diva". That' s why research on Lyst for "RuPaul outfits" has increased by 15% month-on-month since July. The American star gives a lot of different inspirations, but must-have are high heels and glitter.

3. Joker

We fell in love at first sight as soon as the first trailer for the new film about Batman's most famous villain was released: 1.1 million mentions on social media and the search for the keyword "Red Jacket Joker" increased by 71% when the film hit the big screen. Joker's look is very easy to copy, all you need is the right clothes and some make-up skills. Our tip: work on Joaquin Phoenix's smile, the real secret of a successful costume.

2. Lizzo

Lizzo is definitely one of the people of the year, for her music, but also for her outfits. Among the most iconic there' s the sparkling yellow swimsuit worn at MTV VMAs, so cool to spark a 717% increase in social media mentions, while all things yellow generated over 10,000 views on Lyst. If you want to be perfect Lizzo, match your yellow swimsuit with sneakers and eye shadow of the same color.

1. Union Jack

On 31 October 2019, Great Britain will exit from Europe. Whether you're pro or against Brexit, wearing a Union Jack item for this Halloween could be a perfect choice. Union Jack prints are currently trending on Lyst, being responsible for an average of 2,000 searches a month since July. In fact, page views on shoes, bags and even waistcoats featuring the British flag have increased. A tip for your look: copy the popular mini dress worn by Geri Halliwell for her performance with the Spice Girls at the 1997 Brit Awards. That dress held the Guinness World Record for the most expensive piece of popstar clothing dealt at auction when it was sold for £41,320 in 1998.